Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Intelligent Design, unintelligent reduction?

Prefessor Behe is a fellow Roman Catholic, and of the opinion that there's room for both Darwinism and Intelligent Design in our school curriculum. Is he right?

I know the yearning of the earnest Seeker after God, or Truth, or Unity. I know the discipline of following a spiritual practice. I know the joy of setting foot after metaphysical foot on the path towards my true source.

I don't understand people who wish to reduce all about us to the "simplest" terms. Life is messy! The messier, the richer, the more layered and complex, the more joyous! Instead of demanding to judge what we see and nail down the Absolute, why not have the courage to wonder? To be in awe? To rejoice in uncertainty?

It's all uncertain. Instead of fighing it, isn't it more satisfying to discover how to love it?

How devastated were you to find out Columbus was a fraud? Colonel Custer a fool? Or that Santa Claus doesn't always ride in on his sleigh? Peeling back the onion-skin layers of our reality, we develop the skills to search out deeper truths (Santa Claus becomes the essence of Christmas giving and selflessness, for example). The creative Spirit in back of all we perceive slyly has built curiosity into our very nature. We inevitably seek Him.

Do we want to introduce our children to that seeking in our government-run public schools? If not, do we really think we can legislate Him?

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