Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Geico paid me

Sparrow collision repair - UPDATE

I just got a check from GEICO for the $700 I paid to get my fender repaired. So I'm all square now. Oh- and it was easy breezy to get the check. The adjustor read over my receipt, typed up some stuff and handed it over.

When the claims person called me up and said I'd have to drive to an appointment, my first reaction was "Why do I need to spend more time on this?" My first chosen response was, "I'm not really getting much done, the timing is perfect, and I wanted to go for a drive anyway."

The best part: I met the man who did the pinstriping in the first place, three years ago! He was at the adjustor's shop getting set to work on a job. Perhaps I manifest a small-town vibe. You'd never know I live in an area with millions of people.

Now that I have taken care of a collision-related repair, all the while not stepping into pain, blame, or suffering, can I be let off the wheel, please?


  1. Excellent! I am glad it ended so well :)
    Take care!