Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, September 02, 2005

Japanese, Dad's view

Caitlan can't find her enrollment form for this back-up Japanese class. She might not find it ever.

It's really hard to watch her wait until the last possible second to take care of these sorts of things. She operates as though Xena and I are available at any moment to drive her someplace to handle some administrative task with 2 minutes warning, 5 minutes before the office closes.
I just am so tired of the panic-scurry attackes at t-minus-ten. I don't have the adrenaline for it anymore.

I'm done with it. Xena isn't; she still buys in and goes super-human to solve the urgency. Often she succeeds... but the cost is very high. Tempers run hot, sharp words are spoken... it's just not worth it. Caitlan wants to sign up for college classes, she can darn well keep track of the forms and get her hiney into the enrollment office. She knows where it is.

It was open until 4:30 today.

Tomorrow is the last day. She'll still have to do the task on her own, since Xena and I have full schedules already.

On the other hand, Caitlan did ride her bike over to Curves on her own. I'm overall really pleased with her level of self-mastery and organization. At 16, she's as skilled as many 25 year olds I know.

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