Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Internet

Right now the internet is like the US. There is not much history, it's spread out, and the historic feels exotic, it isn't part of everyone's everyday life. I am looking forward to when the Internet, and the US, is like Europe or Asia- dense history everywhere! Right no, the nineties were so recent that when I find web pages from '98 with a red background and mint green comic sans letter I am annoyed by the lack of professionalism. But imagine what it will be like to stumble across such a page put up before you were born! It will be unlike any other historical documents! If the internet keeps all ofit's pages up, someday people will find comment flame wars about various elections and use those discussions as references for their textbooks! People's blogs will be a rich resource for getting a thousand points of view on anything! Gay marriage, NASCAR, Lord of the Rings, Terrorism, Harry Potter, acne treatment, No Chld Left Behind. I am so anticipatory!!!

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  1. Caitlan, I love the idea of the Internet capturing the emotional content of an era. I bet it does get used for research into social issues one day!