Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Enriching dialogue

"Dad, why do the fish suck up the rocks and spit them out again?"

"Remember at Zoo Camp, when you hid food all around in the elephant enclosure? It's the same thing: Enrichment Behavior."

"It is not! Daddy, those are just rocks!"

"Sure, and those are just fish. Sucking up rocks and spitting them out again is enrichment behavior for a fish."

"When the aliens come, I'm going to be all like, 'Pick me for being in charge of the care and feeding for your human,' and then I'll tell your new alien masters to give you rocks to suck on, and then you can tell me whether it's enrichment behavior."

"Aliens!? What aliens? And who says they'd pick you to teach them about humans?"

"Well, I'm more qualified than you! You think sucking on a rock is enrichment behavior!"


  1. I love kid brains! They certainly challenge our perspective and any thing else we hold as absolute!

  2. He's got a point there.
    I love kids with smart mouths.