Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Damage repair

Oh! I did write about getting bumped in my electric car in The Sparrow gets initiated. That's where that body part comes from for today's HNT post.

I pulled the fender and drove it down to Cary Greenwood, a custom painter just south of the San Mateo Bridge. He's pricing the work very reasonably, and also trying to find a source for the color-flip paint that isn't going to be $250. The whole repair is going to be under $1000.

The lady who hit me has expressed expectation that I accept responsibility for a portion of the repairs. A year ago, I might have agreed. After all, there is no such thing as an accident! I'm really clear that the Universe conspires to put people together who have lessons to learn. So what lesson is available to me, as I look at the car's damaged fender? To make it clear for myself:

What issues come up for me?

Toxicity of resins and auto paints. Care and maintenance of "things." Relationship building with fellow humans. Care for fellow humans. Conversational opportunities of a vehicle with missing parts. Events happening "on accident." Respecting craftsmen. Honoring the flow of money and energy. Worthiness to have nice things.

That last one feels like what this lesson is about. Do I deserve nice things? I can MacGyver better than most. From the deep place that is before, above and beyond understanding, do I know that it's okay for me to have nice things? And to spend the time to keep them nice?

Is it okay for even accidental relationships to support me in battling entropy?


  1. I am curious on what grounds she expects you to accept responsibility for a portion of the repairs. As the backer upper the onus is on her to see what obstacles exist that may indeed prevent her from safely backing up. Unless of course you appeared on the scene mid-back up.

    I was sitting parked in a parking spot and a woman backed into me and did not hear the horn honking and so forth and actually got out of her car and was yelling at me for honking so rudely at her. She still did not realize that she had hit me and slide the back of her car along down the side of my van. Yes I parked there, no the accident is not my fault. She thought otherwise - perhaps I parked there to mess with her karma...;)

    Take care!

  2. 1) I don't know either, why she expects me to pick up part of the repairs. In the Grand Cosmic view, there are no accidents, so perhaps she believes that since I was involved, I must have been asking to be involved.

    I accept the premise, but reject the conclusion. My life lesson here is not to help pay for the damages.

    2) You! Messing with people's parking karma! Parking lots are such a great place to uncover our issues.

    Be well!