Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Damage repair retraction

So, the lady who hit me just called and told me she wasn't going to pay more than $500, and her husband came on the phone and pretty much told me to take it or leave it.

Uh, I have your insurance policy number, ma'am, and I released high school bully tactics before I was even in high school. So you'll be filing a claim then, and no, I never did say I was any bit at fault in this accident. That is your little bit of fantasy. Remember, you backed into me.


  1. WoW! Personaly responsibility sucks! ;) Yes I hit you. Yes it is my fault. Yes I will pay an amount of my choosing. BAH! Humans are such funny critters.

    Good luck with the on going fun! And good on ya for not playing the games.

    Take Care.

  2. Opps, that should be 'personal responsibility'

  3. Wow, with the two of you in my corner, I find I am really not attached to the final outcome of this event. I can feel the love!

    Blonde, I love your over-the-top style, but my empathy rating is too high to willfully inflict pain. But I appreciate the sentiment!

  4. People like that do not learn from their mistakes and stop their b.s. until you hit them where it hurts...the wallet. The wallet is their jugular.

    Don't allow yourself to be bullied. Justice is american. Then again, this is coming from me who confronts laszy, ignorant people who park in handicap spaces who are not handicapped, do not have handicap tags or handicap placquard. I went head to head with an a-hole in a jaguar over it the other day.

    I hate bullies and will always fight for the underdog.

  5. Talking with her, I'm sensing it's her husband who is the bully. Her very selective hearing seems tuned to report back to him what he needs to hear so she doesn't get in trouble.

    I'll do what it takes so this doesn't cost me a penny. And I'll do it graciously, so as to not add any fuel to the fire burning in their house.

    BTW, why does it seem that the fanciest cars take the handicap spaces? Do these able-bodied men (I haveyet to see a woman do this) have some sort of odd compulsion? It fascinates me.