Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Friday, August 26, 2005


Damn! I was tryin to be responsible, gathering up a buncha empties to toss in the recycling... and I poured a half a beer down the drain!

Might as well go to bed now. Crap.


  1. You poured a half full beer down the drain? How could you leave a wounded soldier to die like that?!! Ha!

    Love the car.

  2. Christian fundamentalists possesed my soul for a fraction of a second?

    I rinse bottles before putting them in the recycling. Keeps my house from smelling like a fraternity. I grabbed up a handful of "empties," ran water in them, and turned them upside down.

    One poor soldier just kept on going. And going. I leaned over the sink:

    "Auigh! That's beer!" But it was too late. The last of the beer poured out.

    So not only did I let that soldier drain away for nothing, he got the water torture first!

    I'm a bad man. A very bad man. I need a spanking.