Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Puzzle pieces

To work on my rough draft for this "home of the future" project, I find I need to go back to the questions. The puzzle pieces. I am recording some of them here, so I can keep a record (and bounce these off another set of eyeballs, yours!).

How can I afford a home for my family?
How can I build abundance into my daily life?
What would it be like to have the feeling I was in the country, here at home?
Can I invite wild creatures back into my outdoor environment?
How can I limit or eliminate toxins from my food? My home? My water? My outside space?
What can I do to resolve conflict?
What is true non-violence? Can I live in such a way that this is actualized in me? My family? My neighborhood? My city, state, country, or economic group?
What are the top five problems that contribute to injustice, inequality, separatism, greed, and violence? Can I do anything real and concrete about these?
What is being done about California's water crisis? Energy crisis? Population crisis? Education crisis? Prison crisis? Can I do anything about these issues?

We've exported our communication technology and material desires to the third world, can we also help them build a decent standard of living? What is "decent" to them? (In Fiji, the women are losing a culture of being large, to copy US t.v., and in Mexico, people buy SUVs and live in mud huts).

If we don't create conscious solutions to these problems now, what will our landscape look like in 10 years? In 20? In 100 years?
What would it be like to choose our future, rather than have industry and marketing choose it for us?


  1. Yeah I love being able to beat them across the intersection especially if it's a big ole SUV.

    About washing the Sparrow. I just use a bucket and sponge. No hose. Wash her like a baby with a drippy sponge. Then towel dry. That way no water gets in (and not much to drip on the garage floor). I did hear of someone shorting their battery out while washing it.

  2. Good tip. She's so small, a sponge bath makes more sense than hosing her down, anyway.