Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm failing to get us all ready to go camping this weekend. Xena is leaving at dawn and coming home after 10pm, working her job, so she's not helping. The children are somewhat helpful, but they're kids. I'm happy they can do their own laundry and pack their own stuff.

I'm working and squeezing in a couple of small tasks; trying to get ahead on clients so I can take the day off tomorrow and getting the vehicle prepped (more on that later). Our tent is pretty nasty (I didn't take good care of it last summer, I wonder can I wash it?), I haven't packed yet, I haven't shopped, I don't really know the plan or where we are going (I'm asleep when Xena leaves and she's asleep when she gets home; when can we talk?). I find myself taking a deep relaxing breath every few minutes.

Last year I gave Caitlan some two-part epoxy/modeling compound leftover from a project. She ignored it. Until just now. She's digging into the goopy stuff in a little space she excavated on a table piled full of crap consisting mostly of other partially completed projects.

"Caity, what are you doing?" I ask in my sweetest voice.

"I'm going to make a bust of myself," she says very matter-of-factly.

"Sweetie, there are so many other things to do already!"

She sticks her fingers into the moldable resin. "I know, but I'm doing this now."


  1. I wash my tent in the washing machine on gentle, hang dry it, then run some beeswax over the seams when it's dry

  2. That's a good idea!

    Cool, thanks Lynn.