Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I must look awful today...

Because anyone with even an ounce of sensitivity is coming up to me and asking if I'm ok.

I think I'm okay.

I mean, I'm trying to run this thriving graphic design business while inventing the home of the future project.

I'm doing the nurturing work of raising two wonderful children while doing things like getting the van tuned up.

I'm giving my wife moral support while she works more than full time and takes a full college courseload too as she works towards a degree.

I give a little bit of time to things like altering the course of the current oversized multiplex atrocity while also finding time to do my yoga.

And there's all the other things that a busy, engaged person gets to deal with or has thrust upon them. Those of you who have every minute filled with something know what I'm writing about. And I know some of you are accomplishing far more than I am. I'm jealous of your capacity.

In any case, I suppose I must be looking a little ragged. I'm thinking of taking the Sparrow up into the nearby hills for a solitary overnight improptu camp trip. This is progress for me; I recall a time when I would have just done so, without considering the other people in my life. I hope regaining my commitments to myself will help me to sustain a greater faithfulness to my ongoing commitments to others.

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