Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, August 08, 2005

Generous, engaged people

I'd parked the Sparrow on the street, and somebody added money to my parking meter. Thank you! I'd been talking with Scarlet, and just didn't want to jump up and break the flow of our conversation to add another quarter. So I appreciate that you committed a harmonious act.

May it come back and bless you!

I get into lots of conversations while driving the Sparrow around. The odometer is at 2933 miles. Today, I might have been able to sell two of these cars if I had them to offer.

I shared parking lot space later with people driving and failing to easily park truly giant vehicles. Toby Long and I talked about sharing cars as a way to enable people to have an SUV when they needed the room, or a tiny car when they were just going around the corner to the store to get groceries. What if? What if we carshared a smaller car?

The IT from Dynasty would make a fine multi-tenant shared car. I'm wondering how hard it would be to run or help run a business in which for a monthly fee, people in the many small complexes around here would have the use of a NEV for short trips. I could easily see being able to provide these cars at a rate far less than a car payment, and if we were sharing it among 4 to 6 families or households, it would serve as the vehicle for the trip to the store/school/BART station quite well.

We'd have to (gasp!) talk to the neighbors a little bit more, and once in a while the car would be out when you'd want to use it, but I think there's a real potential for shifting how we think of ownership of stuff as well as how we reduce resource consumption by sharing a little electric NEV.

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