Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I am a Rock Star!

field of sparrowsI've had so much fun showing off the car and talking to people about their transportation choices, today. The number one question is:

"Can I sit in it?" (yes, you may)

The number one wistfully spoken observation is: "Someday we'll all be driving something like that, won't we?" (oo, maybe)

The number one reaction from other people: a big toothy grin.

The number one thing I dislike: I can't drive it all day long! (I have to make money sometime, right?)

The number two question asked: "Can I drive it?"

The number three question asked: "How much did you pay, and when can I get one?"

I'll tell you what, before Tom Corbin had to file for banruptcy, he shoulda put me in one of these things and had me driving around, creating goodwill and future customers. Right now, the status of this vehicle model is "discontinued," which is a real shame.

Put an AC motor and controller in it so you could have regenerative braking, fix a couple engineering flaws, and this really could be the commuter car for anyone who has to drive to work and doesn't want to carpool.

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