Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Monday, June 13, 2005


Is anything less exciting than someone else's dreams? Well, mine continue to be very vivid. Here's last nights:

I dreamt last night I was the newest member of an improv repertory, and my first time on stage I was given the task "respond." I went on stage, and gazed intently at the audience, eager to "respond," in whatever form that took. Suddenly, hands went up, the moderator called on you, who shouted to me, "Design me a patriclate!"

A "patriclate?" I had no idea what that was. Besides, I wasn't here in my role as designer! While I stood motionless, locked in internal debate, the audience started to get restless. I desperation, I started to point at people, bringing them onstage, and we built a human model of a patriclate. It had two wings of four people, who opened and closed around a ninth person, and a tenth person acted as a clasp. I think of it now as a three-ring binder of sorts.

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