Red Shoulder Hawk

Red Shoulder Hawk

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The same... but different?

Just as I had to stop spring cleaning because I hadn't stocked up on type 'C' vacuum cleaner bags, and just as I had to stop work on a project because my stash of rechargeable batteries had been raided, I can't yet sell Grace for salvage because I can't find her 22 year-old pink slip.

Xena is sure she's seen it since we moved into this home. However, the file cabinet she thinks it's in is my job file folder.

Anyway, the reason it's important is shown here:

I got this from the side-by-side comparison. Our Quest will burn through $2000 of fuel this year, and add nearly 10 tons of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. A Jetta burning biofuel (at $3.50 a gallon) will cost at least 30% less, and would in truth add zero greenhouse gasses... because those gasses were already part of the atmosphere! Biofuels put back what plants took out, as they made sugars and then oils.

So that's why, even though I don't know how I can justify buying a used car for the price of a new car, a diesel passenger car running biofuel is needed to replace the Quest as our daily driver. Grace was our daily driver, but now she needs to leave so I have room to park a Jetta. Or a Beetle. Same stats on greenhouse gasses.

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