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Red Shoulder Hawk

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Happy Box, Misery Box

Misery Box
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Happy Box
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The first happy and misery boxes are chronicled here. The main point is, I discovered that even really wonderful people are sometimes committed to having their Misery. Afterwards, son Nicholas said, "Dad, what if we made these, and sold them, and gave half the money to charity?"

I think it's a great idea!

How often have you seen someone (maybe even yourself) committed to their Misery? When did they (you) buy in to that? Sure, Misery comes in a bright box. And when you buy into it, you get so much more! Once you start paying for Misery, it just never seems to stop. Are you sure you need all that? Okay, we'll make it special for you. Your box will look different than the one in the picture, but I promise you its beauty is only skin deep: it will be big, heavy, and filled with nothing you really want; you may do with it whatever you wish. Click on the button. Your Misery box is only $10, plus $20 shipping (See? It starts already.)
I'm buying this for

Are you ready to commit yourself to being happy? Have you already discovered that the secret to happiness is to just be happy? Congratulations! Reward yourself with a Happy Box. Your Happy Box will be custom made, filled with joy and happiness. It's yours to do with whatever you want. Your box will look different from the picture, but I promise you it's simple, light, and is a great symbol of your willingness to have goodwill toward yourself. Click on the button. Your Happy Box is only $10, plus $2 shipping.
I'm buying this for

That's it. That's the secret. You can't control what happens in your life, but you can control what you do about it.

For each box you buy, Nicholas will give $5 to Smart Healthy Babies, a home visitor program to support families with new babies. We're not a charity, so your purchase is not tax deductible. Thank you for being your best self, today.

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  1. Who wouldn't want a Happy Box on their desk or nightstand? From the minute you launched this concept, I could see that the real message is "Invest in your own Happiness" and I could buy into that. As a professional business coach, I know that when people make that investment, it usually creates a positive ripple all around them - in their families, workplaces and community in general. Happy people radiate happiness. Nuf said.
    Nika Quirk